AXBALL & Centripetal Force

AXBALL is unique – in how it can transform your body quickly and how it can work for anyone no matter their physical condition, age and strength.  

AXBALL is also unique in that it’s curved (figure eight) path creates Centripetal Force which multiplies and accelerates motion.  

Centripetal Force increases the “Effective Weight” of the AXBALL in motion.  This Effective Weight or Pound Force increases proportionally to the increase in velocity, length of path and by adding weight.

The formula for Centripetal Force is:  Fcentripetal = M·V²/r   but this also means every person’s Force is individual; depending on the length of the swing, the velocity of the swing and the weights added to AXBALL.

AXBALL is basically unlimited in how a person exercises; the beginner can start with no weights and low velocity and build their program to any level, the advanced exercise enthusiast can start with more weight and higher velocity and can add more weight and increase velocity while also adding new AXBALL Exercise Routines.

AXBALL is truly for everyone.

Below is a chart of possible Pound Force based on different swing velocities and weights.

The Power of Infinity