Exercising with AXBALL has demonstrated to be effective for many types of physical rehabilitation due to injury and illness. Because AXBALL is so flexible in intensity and weight, almost anyone can use AXBALL to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance – those areas that are often lost due to injury or illness.AXBALL can help with Physical Rehabilitation by:

    • Increasing core stability
    • Improve fast twitch muscles
    • Increase flexibility
    • Increase coordination
    • Increase energy
    • Improve motion results and balance
    • Strengthen weakened parts of the body
    • Improving mobility

AXBALL can provide unique upper and lower body workouts which can accommodate people with a wide range of physical conditions.

The flexibility of AXBALL workouts can provide low impact, full-body workouts (both cardio and strength) to help the user achieve positive results. As the user builds strength, mobility, and stamina they can increase their workouts by increasing the velocity of their swing, add weights to their AXBALL, increase the length of their workouts or by adding new exercises to their routine.

AXBALL it the ideal tool to help most people recover from debilitating injuries or accidents.