How the AXBALL Works

The Power Of Infinity

Basic Swing & Squat

In every sport, most jobs, and everyday tasks, we bend and twist. Engaging our core and torso with every motion we make. But there is no exercise that simulates real motion. So, we strengthen the limbs that are attach to our torso. Squats for legs, bench press and curls for arms and chest – the list goes on and on. These exercises never go into the biggest part of your body – your torso and all the muscles that are in that magnificent part of your body. Many athletes have turned to the sledgehammer and chopping wood to simulate the speed in power of real motion. This is the only exercise that engages every single muscle in your body Head-to-Toe, creating the speed and power that every athlete needs to be the best they can be.

But there are limits to swinging a sledgehammer or chopping wood. You need room for a big tire and must swing a dangerous heavy sledgehammer. Or go out into the woods and chop trees down to the ground. And every swing is done on one side, one swing and then we swing again. For less than a second your whole body is tightened up and every muscle is engaged. Could you imagine if you kept swinging and your muscles never rested. You get the same benefits that athletes get from hitting a tire with a sledgehammer. Magnified to whatever level you can take the AXBALL. Because of the nonstop swinging motion, other benefits come to play. Such as balance, mobility, agility, strength, and endurance. The first full body strength training device that fits in the palm of your hands.

AXBALL Workouts Uniquely Create Muscle Failure and Micro-Tears

When you work out with AXBALL and your core muscles come toward failure your muscles actually tears -creating micro-tears.  After you work out, your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils. These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy (growth).  This increased strength and muscle size is a response to the micro-tears that your muscles have suffered due to the AXBALL training you performed.

AXBALL Forces Your Muscles to Contract

The basic action of any muscle is contraction. For example, when you think about moving your arm using your biceps muscle, your brain sends a signal down a nerve cell telling your biceps muscle to contract. The amount of force that the muscle creates varies — the muscle can contract a little or a lot depending on the signal that the nerve sends. AXBALL forces maximum contraction and therefore faster and more exclusive muscle failure.



AXBALL Combines Muscle Exertion and Aerobics

The AXBALL workout movement both creates muscle failure but also its inherent aerobic outcome builds better cardiac function, increased oxygen consumption, increasing blood supply to muscles, and lowers heart rate.

AXBALL’s unique action makes you stronger by:

Tension on Muscles

To produce muscle growth, you must apply a load of stress greater than what your body or muscles had previously adapted to. Your AXBALL workout maximizes additional tension on your muscles – damaging more total muscle fibers, causing muscle failure, strength, and growth.

Metabolic Stress

Metabolic stress causes cell swelling around the muscle, which helps to contribute to muscle growth without necessarily increasing the size of the muscle cells.

Muscle Damage

It’s worth repeating – AXBALL is incomparable in exercising your core muscles in a new and exclusive approach – which means faster muscle failure, faster and more dramatic muscle damage and quicker and more impressive regeneration and growth.

An AXBALL workout is probably the BEST exercise you’re not currently doing.


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