AXBALL Tips & Workout Routines

Unboxing Your AXBALL

AXBALL Basic Swing

AXBALL Exercise Routines

AXBALL™ is uniquely designed to meet all athlete’s fitness and exercise needs from:

  • The Beginner
  • The Intermediate
  • The Advanced
  • The Professional

The following are samples of just a few of the exercises we will coach you on doing with the AXBALL

Axball Standing Exercises

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AXBALL 9 Minute Full Body Workout

Click Here To Watch The 9 Minute Workout

  • 30sec Axball Standard swing
  • 30sec Axball Wind-up swings
  • 30sec Hammer run
  • 30sec. Axball squat
  • 30sec. Axball lunge
  • 30sec.  hip and hammy

Repeat 3 times to complete work out

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